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Vaginoplasty Operation

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Vaginoplasty Operation

The vagina, which is the female sexual organ, may lose its firmness after childbirth, due to age or various other reasons. Patients explain this situation, that negatively affects sexual life, saying that air is coming out or there is a sound during the sexual intercourse. As a result of the loosening of the anatomical structures due to the advanced age or birth trauma, the end of the bladder or large intestine can be displaced towards the vagina. In case of laughing and straining, these women have urinary incontinence. In the treatment with vaginoplasty operation, sagged bladder or large intestine is pushed to its normal location with cystocele or rectocele operations.

How is vaginoplasty operation performed?

The vagina wall is composed of muscles and the inner surface of the vagina is covered by a moist mucous membrane. In the vaginoplasty operation, the muscles are brought closer together and narrowed by the removal of a longitudinal piece from the back-lower wall of the vagina. In case the vaginal opening is too wide, the operation is completed with again the removal of a piece to narrow the vaginal opening. Vagina narrowing operation can be performed under epidural anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

How long does vaginoplasty operation take?

The average operation duration is approximately 1 hour.

How long is the healing process following vaginoplasty operation?

The closure of the incision takes 2 weeks on average, and there is no need for removal of stitches when dissolvable stitches are used. For post-operative sexual intercourse, it is required to wait for at least 2 months.

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