Prominent Ear Operation (Otoplasty)

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Prominent Ear Operation (Otoplasty)

The prominent ear is a congenital anomaly and describes that the angle between the head and the ear is excessive and accordingly the ear is prominent. In some patients, the primary cause of the prominent ear is the excessive height of the cartilage structure, and the cartilage tissue is also required to be partially removed in order for the surgical result to be successful. In prominent ear patients, the prominence of the ear creases is less as well, and the prominent ear surgery also aims to re-create these obscure ear creases.

When should prominent ear operation be performed?

We strongly suggest that children with prominent ear should be operated in the pre-school period for them not to be exposed to psychological trauma. Children are very sweet but also very brutal at the same time. They immediately notice the defects they see around and use them for fun. Since the feelings of empathy are not developed enough, they do not really notice that the other feels bad, when they make fun of him/her. Since the ear development is completed in the first 6 years to a great extent, and the ears reach their adulthood dimensions, there is no inconvenience in having the operation.

Can prominent ear operation be performed under local anaesthesia?

While the procedure can usually be performed easily under local anaesthesia in patients over 16 years of age, we prefer to perform the operation under general anaesthesia in a younger age and childhood.

Can you please give information on the operation technique?

After the removal of an elliptical-shaped skin from the back of the ear, the cartilage membrane (perichondrium) is dissected from the ear, and the ear cartilage is exposed. It is ensured that the ear comes closer to the head with stitches between various parts of the ear cartilage and from the ear cartilage to the skull. If the ear cartilage is high, partial cartilage tissue is removed to lay the ear. In order to prevent the opening of the ear in the ears with hard cartilage, it is important to soften the cartilage by filing or by scratching at certain points.

What is cartilage memory?

It is the desire of the cartilage to return to its former state after the operation. If this desire is too strong, ear-opening occurs. Weakening cartilage memory means that while shaping the cartilage, filing and scratching like interventions are made on its surface to break its tension and durability. The removal of the cartilage will also reduce the tension and prevent the ear from returning to its former state in the long term.

What should one take into consideration in the post-operation process?

Stitches should not be forced for the ear to maintain its new shape in the early post-operative period. The forehead band, which is worn just after the operation, is a must of the prominent ear operation. The forehead band ensures the leakage type bleeding in the ears to be suppressed, the post-operative swelling to be less, and the shape of the ear to remain constant during the recovery. The forehead band, which is used continuously in the first three weeks, is used only at night in the following three weeks.

Is there severe pain following the prominent ear operation?

While it is normal to have pain in the form of tingling after otoplasty, throbbing and severe pain in the ear suggests the accumulation of blood, called hematoma. This is a situation that requires an urgent intervention and requires you to inform your doctor immediately. In patients without hematoma, painkillers given after the operation are sufficient.

Is dressing important after the prominent ear operation?

Yes, it is certainly very, very important. The most feared complication of ear operation is chondritis. The treatment of chondritis is not only very difficult but is also very likely to cause permanent deformity in the ear until the treatment is completed.

In the first days following the operation, the daily dressing is not a must, but it will be very useful as a precautionary measure for prevention of a possible infection. In the following period, it will be sufficient to apply antibiotic pomade until the completion of 2-3 weeks after the operation.

Is there a stitch removal after the operation?

There is no need to remove the stitches, as dissolvable stitches are used in the operation.

When can I have a shower after the operation?

Showers can be taken 3 days after the surgical procedure.

When does the ear shape fit completely?

In the prominent ear operation, the ear is pulled very close to the head, considering the flexibility. There is some opening in all operations. The ear takes its final shape within 1 year, and after this process, there will not be re-opening in the ear, which does not return to their former states.

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