Hip – Buttocks Augmentation Operation (BBL – Brazilian Buttocks Lift)

Buttocks - Hip - Buttocks Augmentation Operation İstanbul Neo Estetik (BBL - Brasilian Butt Lift)

Hip - Buttocks Augmentation Operation (BBL - Brazilian Buttocks Lift)

In the last decade, many famous television or music stars’ becoming prominent with full hips has led to the popularization of buttocks augmentation operation. Although some large buttocks and hips may be repulsive for some people, curvy and plump contours have begun to be seen as an important part of femininity and sexiness.

Excessively flat and sagging buttocks pose a number of problems such as unbecoming trousers or skirts. We often hear our patients’ statements that they feel better, wear the clothes they want more freely, and they feel more self-confident after buttocks augmentation operation.

Which methods are used in buttocks augmentation?

Nowadays, the surgeons utilize one’s own fat tissue or silicone implants for buttocks augmentation. Both techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In buttocks augmentation procedure with autologous fat (one’s own fat tissue), fat is extracted with liposuction from the abdomen, legs, and back, where there is excess fat accumulation. Most surgeons choose the waist and abdomen as the fat extraction site, aiming at augmenting the buttocks and hips while thinning the waist. The thinning of the abdomen and waist ensures that the image obtained by the buttocks augmentation operation is even more beautiful.

Silicone implants have long been used in breast augmentation operations in aesthetic surgery. Silicones used in buttocks augmentation operations are similar in structure to silicone implants used for breast augmentation operation. These silicones are placed under the subcutaneous adipose tissue or buttocks muscles.

Both techniques can be combined while performing the buttocks augmentation operation. The thickness of the fat tissue increases through fat injection to the buttocks and this allows the silicones placed in the buttocks to be less felt when touched and reduces their visibility. A greater volume increase is achieved through the use of fat injection and implants together.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both methods?

The main advantages of buttocks augmentation with fat filling are the use of a person’s own tissue, no risk of allergic reactions, being softer and more natural, not being felt as in silicone implants. However, melting of a certain amount of injected fat tissue over time and fat necrosis, the fat tissue’s causing redness and fever while being digested by the body following excessive fat injection, are the main disadvantages of the technique. Additionally, widening of the surgery area and the relatively longer duration of the operation, because of the extraction of the fat tissue from different parts of the body, are the other disadvantages compared to buttocks augmentation with silicone.

In buttocks augmentation with silicone, the prosthesis is placed through the incision along the buttocks crack, which is not required in the fat filling. Even though silicones’ becoming noticeable over time or their displacement is very rare with a good surgical planning, the risk cannot be completely reset. However, the development of postoperative infection on silicone implants, which is a foreign body, is quite rare. Nevertheless, the most important advantage of silicones in comparison with the method of buttocks augmentation with fat tissue is the predictable continuity of volume increase, as they do not lose volume over time.

After fat injection into the buttocks, does fat dissolve in the long term?

After fat injection, a fair amount of fat tissue dissolves in the first 3 months. This rate can be up to 30% in non-smokers but it is more in smokers. After the 3-month period, the living fat tissue continues its existence there and lives without dissolving.

What should I take into consideration after buttocks augmentation operation?

In the first few weeks after the operation, it is very important not to lie on the back and not to sit. Sitting on the buttocks should be avoided and one should not lie heavy on the buttocks. If you have been recommended a corset by your doctor, wearing a corset for recommended durations is important for a smooth surface healing.

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