Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty) and Operation

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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty) and Operation

The eye area is the area, where the symptoms of aging are almost always first noticed. Over time, excess skin in the eyelid, eyelid droopiness, wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet become clear), bags in the lower eyelid occurs. In cases, where sagging of the upper eyelid is excessive, people may have difficulty in opening their eyes and try to balance this condition by using the forehead muscles too much. Because of the over-work of the forehead muscles, deep wrinkles on the forehead occur over time. Again, excess skin in the upper eyelid limits the visual field and causes difficulties in daily life. Bags in the lower eyelid are of interest to the eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty). A groove may be formed between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone, due to the downward movement of the malar (cheekbone) fat pads over time. The tightening of the looseness in the lower eyelid, the removal of the bag, and the filling of the trough, if necessary, will ensure attaining a much youthful appearance.

Can eyelid the aesthetic (blepharoplasty) operation be performed under local anaesthesia?

Eyelid aesthetics can easily be performed under local anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia. In people, who are operated under local anaesthesia, sedation (sedative drug administration) is provided, if necessary. If the people, who are going to be operated, are afraid of being operated under local anaesthesia, the operation can be performed under general anaesthesia, i.e. full narcotising, as well.

How long does the eyelid aesthetic (blepharoplasty) operation take?

The upper eyelid aesthetic operation, which is applied more frequently, lasts for 45 minutes on average. The lower eyelid aesthetic operation is also completed in a similar duration.

Can I go home on the same day?

If the operation is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient can be discharged following the operation. Patients, who receive general anaesthesia, are discharged six hours after the operation.

Do bruising and swelling occur following blepharoplasty operation?

The eyelid skin is very thin and bruising and swelling are inevitable after the operation. During the operation, bleeding control is done carefully, and if the ice application following the operation is paid attention, bruising and swelling are minimized. Also, the use of creams to be prescribed following the operation will help bruising and swelling recover more quickly.

Is stitching applied and do any scars remain in blepharoplasty operation?

In eyelid operations, the incision is made to remove the fat pads, that cause bags, and to remove excess skin. The removal of excess skin in the upper eyelid operations is almost a standard procedure, while the removal of excess skin in the lower eyelid should be well evaluated, since pulling in the immovable lower eyelid may then cause the eyes to remain open.

These incisions are then closed by stitching. These stitches are removed 5-7 days later. Since the eyelid skin is quite thin and the stitches are positioned in the appropriate location, the scars are not much visible.

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