Breast Reduction Operation

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Breast Reduction Operation

One of the most important symbols of femininity and sexiness in women are breasts. Every woman desires to have erect, full breasts in an ideal size. Breast development is a physiological event that indicates the start of adolescence, and this development ends along with the breast’s reaching a size which is considered normal. However, due to factors such as hormone sensitivity, genetic features, endocrine disorders, breasts of some people grow to an excessive size, i.e. gigantomastia. Breast reduction operation is a good and effective solution in obtaining a normal form for over-grown breasts.

From adolescence, large breasts cause a serious activity restriction and psychological problems such as lack of confidence. As the time progresses, complaints such as pain and collapse in the shoulders, numbness in arms, curvature in the spine, redness, rash and burning under and between the breasts arise, due to excessively heavy breasts. Since there is no way to reduce the size of the breast than  the surgery, it is necessary to remove the excess breast tissues through an operation without losing time.

From what age is breast reduction operation performed?

With the completion of physiological development, which corresponds to around 17-18 years of age, breast reduction surgery can be performed. However, in girls with excessive breasts due to hormonal disorder, surgery can be performed in the earlier periods.

Can unmarried, single people have breast reduction operation?

There is no drawback for single young girls to undergo breast reduction operation. There are even serious benefits for our young girls with large breasts to have the operation in an early period, as this situation causes them to isolate themselves from social life, withdraw themselves from educational and professional life. It is not true that this operation should be done after getting married and having children.

Is breastfeeding possible after breast reduction operation?

In breast reduction surgery, the tissue, called pedicle, is left intact to feed the areola and the remaining breast tissue is removed. While some of the mammary glands remain in the excess breast tissue removed, some of the remaining glands are prevented from opening to the nipple. In summary, after the breast reduction surgery, there is a significant decrease in the amount of milk to be given after birth, but breastfeeding is possible in the amount that satisfies the feeling of motherhood.

Does any scar remain after the operation?

The undisputed and clear answer to this question is yes because in breast reduction surgeries, excess breast tissue is cut and removed and the remaining breast tissue is sutured together by stitches. Every incision that occurs in the human body heals leaving a mark. This is the case for all surgical operations. If there is a full cut in the skin in one part of the body, the recovery will definitely leave a scar.

What is really unknown about the scar is how visible it will be. The visibility of the scar will vary depending on the genetic features of the person, the type of skin, the characteristics of the stitch used, and the stitching technique. Scars with different level of visibility left on different breasts, which are stitched by the same surgeon using the same stitch material and technique, can be explained accordingly.


Should I use a scar reducing cream after the operation?

There are various brands of scar reducing creams which are used to ensure that the stitching scar is less visible and mostly are silicone-based. The scar reducing creams should be used after the stitches are removed or dissolve (on average 2 weeks after the operation) and for at least 6 months.

What to know about the operation

** The operation lasts 3-3,5 hours on average and the patient is hospitalized for 1 night.

** It is not a painless operation but with the strong pain relievers given in the hospital, you will be comfortable on the first night, when you will feel the most pain.

** The drains, which are inserted in the operation to collect the blood that will accumulate inside, are usually removed on the next day.

** Within two to three days you easily resume your daily activities, and you return to business life in 5-7 days.

** Showers can be taken 3 days after the drain removal.

** It is quite important to wear surgical bras for 1,5 months after the operation, as the breast shaping will be continuing.

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