Breast Lift Operation

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Breast Lift Operation

In an ideal and good looking breast, the breast tissue and nipple should be above the sub-mammary crease when viewed from the side. In women, who are candidates for a breast lift operation (mastopexy), the breasts have lost their fullness and the breast tissue has sagged down the chest wall.

The degree of breast sagging is associated with the position of the breast tissue and the nipple relative to the sub-mammary crease. The degree of the breast ptosis (sagging) in plastic surgery literature is determined by the Regnault classification. Patients in stage 2 and 3 are the patients  who will benefit most from a mastopexy operation. By looking at the figure below, you can easily understand, whether you have sagging in your breasts, and determine the degree of sagging in case there is sagging.

The main goal of the operation performed to correct breast sagging is tightening the breast by removing the excess breast tissue and the sagging skin, and to pull the breast tissue and the nipple above the fold of the sub-mammary crease.

The decrease in the size of the lifted breast is also a situation, which is likely to be overlooked in the recovery of the sagged breasts and which prevents obtaining the desired result. Actually, the density of the breast tissue has also decreased in most of the sagged breasts. The patients, who are applying with the desire for a breast lift, often say that they have previously had large and erected breasts; and that their breasts have sagged with a volume decrease after weight gain-loss and breastfeeding.

A tightened breast tissue becomes smaller when compared to a sagging breast tissue. For a better understanding of this, you can think of how the snow intensifies and becomes smaller in volume, as it becomes a snowball. In such cases, it may be necessary to place silicones to the breasts in the same operation, in order to achieve the ideal volume of the breast tissue. This situation should be evaluated very well and should be discussed before the operation.

Does any scar remain in the breast lift operation?

Depending on the technique utilized, the breast lift operation may leave a different form of scars (e.g. half-moon, circular, lollipop, inverted-T, J-scar, etc.). To give more detailed information about the most commonly used techniques; The inverted-T technique takes its name from the reversed T-shape, which is visible when the breasts are viewed across after the operation. In this technique, in the inverted-T technique, a scar that extends from the areola, perpendicular to the sub-mammary crease, continues along the crease towards both sides. In the short scar technique, which is created by modifying the inverted-T technique, horizontal scars in both directions are shortened or skin removal is completed with a horizontal line as in the J-scar technique.

The technique, that is generally preferred in breast lift operations, is vertical scarring, which is different from the inverted-T or short scar technique, and no horizontal scar remains on the sub-mammary crease. A single perpendicular line remains down from the brown areola tissue around the nipple. The disadvantage of this technique is that a fold remains at the bottom of the vertical line due to shrinkage. Even if this fold recovers over time, some patients require minor interventions under local anaesthesia later.

Can someone breastfeed after breast lift operation?

In mastopexy, i.e. breast lift, it is intended to intensify the breast tissue but not to reduce it. When the breast tissue is pulled upwards on the chest wall, a very small amount of the breast tissue can be removed from the lower part of the breast to prevent any folds. In summary, in breast lift operation, the mammary glands are preserved to a great extent (almost all) and breastfeeding is not harmed.

How long does it take for me to get back to my daily activities following the operation?

Usually, after 5 days of rest, our patients recover to a condition to resume their daily routines.

Can I get my breast silicones in the same session with breast lift operation?

Breast implants, known as breast silicone breasts colloquially, can be combined with breast lift operation to provide volume to the lifted breast tissue. This method, known as Augmentation Mastopexy in the medical literature, yields very good results especially for breasts sagged with a volume loss following breastfeeding or weight loss.

Some information about the operation;

** Breast lift operation lasts for 3 hours on average and is performed under general anaesthesia.

** It is not necessary to remove the stitches after the operation, as dissolvable stitches are used in the operations.

** Surgical material, which looks like a hose, is called drain and is used to extract blood accumulating inside the chest, is usually removed the day after the operation depending on the bleeding amount.

** Surgical bra (also known as a sports bra) is recommended to be used for at least 1,5 months following the operation.

** Breasts take their final shape 6 months later on average.

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