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Neo Aesthetics Istanbul Surgery Clinic

We perform aesthetic surgeries in Istanbul in the specially contracted hospitals with the highest standards by using the latest technology and facilities at the most reasonable prices and in the most ideal way.

Starting from the pre-operative period, we are in close contact with our patients. We do not leave them alone in the post-operative recovery stage either and ensure that they can overcome the operation process in the best and smoothest way.

We successfully perform rhinoplasty operations, liposuction operations, breast shaping operations (breast augmentation operation/breast reduction operation), tummy tuck operations and fat filling (stem cell) operations and many other aesthetic operations.

Prof. Burhan ÖZALP, MD
The Founder of Neo Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

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Neo Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, has a high quality standard of European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS). 

Popular Aesthetic Operations

The Most Preferred Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery Operations

Burun Estetiği Ameliyatı (rinoplasti) - Neo Estetik İstanbul Cerrahi Kliniği -

Rhinoplasty Operation

We aim for a natural looking nose, that suits the person’s face, in rhinoplasty operation

Breast Augmentation Operation

In breast augmentation operation, we establish a balance between healthy dimensions and those requested by the patient…

Göğüs / Meme Küçültme Ameliyatı - Meme Estetiği - Neo Estetik İstanbul Cerrahi Kliniği -

Breast Reduction Operation

In breast reduction operation, we make millimetric measurements for the best results and build healthy breasts suiting the body ideally…

Karın Germe Ameliyatı (Abdominoplasti) - Neo Estetik İstanbul Cerrahi Kliniği -

Tummy Tuck Operation

In tummy tuck operation (abdominoplasty), we get a natural-looking abdomen with as little marks as possible…

Yağ Aldırma Ameliyatı (Liposakşın - Liposuction) - Neo Estetik İstanbul Cerrahi Kliniği -


In liposuction operation, we attain a natural appearance by an optimum amount of fat extraction…

Yağ Dolgusu / Kök Hücre Ameliyatı - Neo Estetik İstanbul Cerrahi Kliniği -

Fat Filling (Stem Cell)

In fat filling operation, we provide the fullness with the best adaptability to the body in a short time through stem cell injection…

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